Holt Laboratory - Molecular Anatomy of Auditory Related Central Systems (MARCS)






We would like to welcome you to the Holt laboratory.  We work on research projects which include:  analysis of dopamine receptors, voltage gated calcium channels, neuronal activity and morphological changes related to hearing loss and tinnitus.  Our most recent studies focus on the longitudinal assessment of changes in neuronal activity, neurochemistry, and synapses related to noise induced tinnitus.

Our lab is subdivided into three groups that each have a specific focus within auditory related pathways i.e., neuronal activity, neurotransmitters or morphological analyses.

Contact for more information:

Avril Genene Holt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor - Anatomy and Cell Biology

Wayne State University Physician Group
Wayne State University
550 E Canfield St #109
Detroit, MI 48201

Office Phone:  313-577-5073

Lab #32 Phone: 313-577-6268

Lab #30 Phone: 313-577-5072

Fax: 313-577-3125
Email: agholt@med.wayne.edu

Holt Laboratory - Molecular Anatomy of Auditory Related Central Systems (MARCS) - 550 E Canfield St - Suite 109 - Detroit, MI 48201 - Contact Us

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